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It concerns all of us.

For years now we have heard media, politics and many others talk about global warming and the consumption of our planet’s limited resources.

It is a fact, our climate is changing and the impact on the environment is undeniable. Everyone has a role to play in order to limit global warming. We all have to reduce our footprint on earth in order to leave a decent world for the future generation.

It's in this perspective that The Hotel Brussels has decided to reduce its energy consumption, produce its electricity partially by itself thanks to cogeneration - all this and more lead us to obtain the renowed Green Key environmental certification beginning of 2019.

Brussels being the second greenest city (after Washington), the capital has many activities to offer in relation with nature. Our role is more than only participate in the environmental protection, we want to increase our guests awareness about this topic.

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Global warming is not a theory, it’s a fact

Global warming is not a theory, it’s a fact

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