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Dining tables arranged in Iris restaurant at The Hotel Brussels

Indulge your foodie cravings

Dining with a twist

At The Hotel Brussels, we have what you need. Grab a quick bite at the bar before heading out to take on the city, or celebrate your urban conquest with cocktails. Fancy dining in style? The Iris is where it’s at for urban dining in Brussels. Looking to take things easy? Enjoy a lazily lavish breakfast with a garden view. Or perhaps breakfast in bed is more your style, in which case, dial up room service and kick back while we do all the work – after all, what else is new luxury all about?

Finely garnished dish served in The Iris at The Hotel Brussels

The Iris

Think delicious. At The Iris, it’s all about sharing a defining dining experience brimming with authenticity and passion.

Dining & lounge area in Iris restaurant at The Hotel Brussels

The Bar & Lounge

Day or night, The Iris bar is the best place to be in Brussels. Come join us for a beer, swanky cocktail or snack after your turbo-charged day in the city; or perhaps retreating to a comfy table to catch up with friends is what you need. And for those with deadline-free day, while away the afternoon relaxing over coffee in this effortlessly luxe setting of Brussels hottest hotel bar.

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Dining & lounge area in Iris restaurant at The Hotel Brussels

The Breakfast

The only way to start your day. Delectable breakfast served with steaming coffee is what it’s about at The Hotel Brussels. Served in The Iris, take your pick from the sumptuous buffet. And for those of you who crave a little longer in bed, dial up room service and have breakfast brought directly to your room.

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A full meal served by a window in a room at The Hotel Brussels

The Room Service

Food cravings call on you at all hours of the day, which is why The Hotel offers you exceptional room service, 24/7. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a midnight snack on your mind, just make that call and let The Hotel bring you all things delicious.

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