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The exterior view of Atomium near The Hotel Brussels

Unmistakable symbol of Brussels and Belgium and unique feat in the history of architecture: the Atomium is today the most popular attraction in the Capital of Europe.

Built for the 1958 World Exhibition, the Atomium is shaped on the model of an elementary iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times.

Beyond surreal walks through tubes and spheres, the Atomium houses a permanent exhibition about its history as well temporary exhibitions for a broad public (sciences, design, society).

The upper sphere offers unique and spectacular views across the city skyline.

At night, 2970 lights offer a fairy dimension to the 102m high building. The panoramic restaurant is daily open until 11pm.

Atomium: sphere named after François Englert
After having named the event sphere Ilya Prigogine as a tribute to the Belgian Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 36 years ago, the Atomium has now decided to honour the new Belgian Nobel Prize Winner in Physics and name the lowest sphere, the first above the entrance, after physician and university professor François Englert.

Make sure to visit the Art & Design Atomium Museum, right next to building, dedicated to design and art from the XXth century until today. More information on:

Square de l'Atomium 1020 Bruxelles Belgique
Monday Everyday 10:00 - 18:00