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Entrance to the Parlamentarium near The Hotel Brussels

The European Parliament's Visitor Centre
Discover the fascinating world of the European Parliament at the newly-opened Parlamentarium, Europe’s largest parliamentary visitor centre.

This is European politics as you have never seen it before! Children and adults alike can see how decisions are made and how they influence our daily lives in a completely fresh and dynamic way.

The Parlamentarium’s attractions include:

  • a vast 3D lighting installation representing a shifting map of Europe
  • a 360° surround-screen digital projection of the hemicycle (parliamentary chamber)
  • an interactive virtual trip through Europe to discover each Member State
  • a video wall with messages from Members of the European Parliament

The centre is accessible in 23 languages admission is free and it is fully accessible to visitors with special needs. After your visit you can also browse around the gift shop and refuel with a snack or a drink at the centre’s cafeteria.

100 Place du Luxembourg 1050 Bruxelles Belgique
Monday 13:00 - 18:00