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Entrance of Natural Sciences Museum near The Hotel Brussels

No visitor can ignore the museum's showpieces: the Iguanodons of Bernissart. You walk through the Mammal Gallery along recent and extinct mammals, and learn what makes them such special animals. A tunnel leads you between the North and South Pole: a view of two different worlds. Our Whale Hall not only contains majestic whales, but also dolphins, walruses, sirenians, seals... A part of the hall is devoted to the whales' role in the economy and their sacrifices to it. Apart from a magnificent collection of shells, the Shell Gallery houses a tropical aquarium and a complete survey of the lower classes of invertebrates. The nearby North Sea Discovery Room takes you on an interactive tour around beach and sea life at the Belgian coast. Insects represent about 80 % of all known animal species, so they can easily fill a whole gallery! The Insect Gallery shows the fascinating life of insects, spiders, crustaceans and other arthropods. After your visit, you'll know everything about the critters you're about to meet alive and well in the Vivarium.The Mineral Gallery has crystals, cut gems, meteorites and precious bits of moon rock. You learn about the qualities that make each mineral unique.Ready to enjoy some city life? Greet the inhabitants of your neighbourhood in "Animal Pal". Small children will have the safari of their lifetime! The latest arrival, the Evolution Gallery, invites you on a journey through the history of living things, a unique and fascinating story, through the meanderings of evolution, an ode to life, its richness and complexity. Really? The giraffe is a cousin of lettuce? The elephant a distant relative of the microbe?

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